Smith Park Advisory Council Welcomes the Accolade Muscians to the park.

Smith Park Chicago: The Smith Park Advisory Council Welcomes the Accolade Musicians to the park to play classical music.

For the first time, the Smith Park Advisory Council, (SPAC) sponsors the Accolade Musicians, a four piece Quartet to play classical music in the park.

David Ramos, president of the Smith Park Advisory Council stated he has been working with the members of his board to find a group to come play classical music at Smith Park on a Sunday afternoon.

David Ramos, president of SPAC said he ran into Victor Sotelo of the Accolade Musicians one day on the CTA and asked him if he performs with a group.  They exchanged numbers and Ramos was able to secure the funding for the Accolade Musicians to play at Smith Park.

In addition to Classical Music, SPAC has been looking into bringing the Farmers Market to the park for some time were residents in the community and surrounding area can come purchase fruits and vegetables.

I admire the work my friend and fellow colleague president, Mr. Doug Wood is doing over at Wicker Park Wicker Park also has a Quartet that plays classical music during their weekend Farmers Market.  This year, McKinley Park was added to the list of Chicago Parks that have a Farmers Market.

The advisory council and Smith Park supervisor Mr. Travis Bogle have been working to schedule a group of performers to play at Smith Park.  Smith Park Advisory Council has raised enough funds to sponsor this  event for the first time.  The Quartet, consisting of a viola, violins and chelo played Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven, said Ramos.

Many residents in the community would like additional outdoor activities and for senior citizens. Although Smith Park has an outdoor lap swimming, outdoor tennis courts, children’s play lot/sprinklers, and several baseball diamonds, the older residents would like something more soothing.   SPAC decided not only would the classical sounds be nice for seniors to enjoy, but also for the entire community, to enjoy as well.

If you would like to volunteer at Smith Park, please contact the advisory council or president David Ramos.  There information is listed on the home page of this site.


Accolade Musicians play for the first time at Smith Park.

Smith Park Welcomes the Accolade Musicians to the Park.

Accolade Musicians play for the first time at Smith Park.

Victor Sotelo and members of his Quartet practice for the upcoming Smith Park Classical Music performance.

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