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David Ramos Photo CCDear Friends,

I am very honored and humbled to serve as President of the Smith Park Advisory Council (SPAC).  I would like to thank our outgoing president, Mr. Erich Muellner, whose vision and leadership helped shape Smith Park into what it is today, and to his family for their dedication, time, and commitment to the West Town/Ukrainian community.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge our out-going Vice-President Kathy McCabe and Secretary Ms. Jennifer Vanvalkenburg for their time and dedication in serving the SPAC.  I would like to congratulate our new SPAC officers: Vice-President Nani Almendarez, Secretary Ellen Ernst, and Dave Hunt who will stay on as Treasurer.  I will continue to improve the park’s beautification, the year-round programs, and most of all, the safety of our park by collaborating with our Chicago Police Department 12th District Commander Melissa Staples, Sergeant Juan Class and CAPS facilitator Ms. Kim Shepherd.

I look forward to working closely with our Park District Supervisor, Mr. Travis Bogle and his staff to ensure that Smith Park is provided with the tools needed for the safe and inviting, quality park that everyone in our community deserves.

My vision as president of SPAC is to improve our current park programs and to add additional programs for our community.  I will focus on programs for our senior citizens and on after school programs, as well as those programs provided by our local, state and federal government.  I will work closely with our advisory council and our elected officials to ensure services are brought to Smith Park for all to enjoy.

Again, thank you for the support and I vow to do everything within my power to fulfill the duty as president to the best of my ability.  I will serve with honesty, integrity, and professionalism just as my predecessors have done.  I look forward to the challenges ahead and I invite all citizens to stop by Smith Park for a visit or to express any concerns or suggestions that might be of benefit to all of our community.

Finally, I would like to close by thanking Smith Park for contributing in the happiness of my three sons by providing a location for them to play, learn and excel for the past 20 years.  I look forward to giving back to today’s youth, future generations and to the entire Smith Park community.


David R. Ramos