The Secretary of State Mobile Unit Comes to Smith Park

Saturday, July 26,2014 at 10:00 a.m. At the Smith Park Field House

The Smith Park Advisory Council, (SPAC) Alderman Roberto Maldonado, 26th Ward and Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State sponsors the Secretary of State Mobile I.D. Unit to Smith Park.  

Secretary White was kind enough to support and approve the mobile unit to service the Smith Park residents and the West Town Community, said David Ramos, President of SPAC.  The mobile unit will be able to renew Illinois Drivers Licenses and Illinois Identification cards to those individuals whose cards will expire soon.  Working families can avoid taking the day off from work and Senior Citizens will be able to walk with loved ones to the park.  This service is a first come first serve basis.  Residents who wish to take advantage of this great program should arrive early.

Ramos stated, this is one of many community services the council is sponsoring. We are working on supporting additional services for the community.  To receive news alerts on what’s taking place at Smith Park send an email to:

The Secretary of State requirements and fees will be uploaded soon.