Smith Park celebrates Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Dance 2015 3

Past president Erich Muellner and daughter

Valentines Day Dance 2015 Valentines Day Dance 2015 2The Smith Park Advisory Council, (SPAC) sponsors the 2015 Daddy Daughter and Mother Son Valentine’s Day Dance.

A big thank you to SPAC past president Erich Muellner for chairing this event.  Mr. Muellner along with Smith Park staff and Smith Park supervisor Mr. Travis Bogle put on a wonderful dance for the families in the West Town community on Valentine’s Day.

Many families from all over the city come to Smith Park and take advantage of our outdoor tennis courts, pool and baseball fields.  We have the support of the advisory council who are always looking for innovative ways to improve our programming at Smith Park.  The Valentine’s day dance is just another way of bringing families together.  This year, families were treated to refreshments, great music by our DJ Smith Park staff Maria Garduno.  We are always looking to improve the Valentine’s Day Dance, if you are interested in getting involved, please contact SPAC, said Mr. Muellner.