Smith Park Chicago: Smith Park Outdoor swimming pool is now opened.

Smith Park Chicago:  The outdoor swimming pool is officially opened.  What a great day to be swimming said David R. Ramos, president of Smith Park Advisory Council.  This is one of Smith Parks greatest assets.  We have many families across the Chicago area that always come back to Smith Park.  We are friends with so many people on Facebook and when we post an event or an accomplishment the responses are, “I grew up in that neighborhood or I used to play ball and swim at that park as a child”, said Ramos.  We have many exciting events already lined-up at Smith Park from Movies in the Park, Star Gazing, Dancing and we are even thinking of doing a Guitar Hero Contest where we would set up our jumbo tron screen and sound system.  We want everyone to enjoy Smith Park know matter what community they come from.  For additional information regarding lessons or pool hours, please contact Smith Park at (312) 742-7534.

Smith Park Advisory Council

Smith Park pool is now opened. David Ramos president Smith Park Advisory Council welcomed Mr. Joel Vander Vliet and his children Willow 2 and Mila 5 at the opening of the swimming pool at Smith Park.

Smith Park Life Guards

Smith Park Life Guards

2015 smith park swimming pool 3

Life Guards Danny Clark and Tony say hello to Joshua Ramos and Frank Bogititus park attendant.